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Cheap Shoutcast hosting with Auto DJ and all the extras!!!

  • Shoutcast directory registration assistance
  • Free Shoutcast radio player installation
  • 7-Day money back guarantee

Our best cheap Shoutcast hosting plan comes with Auto DJ, instant activation, SSL, and unlimited listeners and bandwidth!
Shoutcast radio headphones

Cheap Shoutcast Radio Hosting

Calling all radio broadcasters! Learn how to go live on the air in mere minutes for the price of a cup of coffee.
Here at Gecko, we are experts in affordable Shoutcast hosting solutions. So, if you need any help, just ASK!
$ 5 .90 Starter Plan
  • 100 Listeners
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 128 Kbps Quality
  • AutoDJ & Live
  • Centova Cast v3
  • Free Radio Player
Start your Internet radio station for the price of a cup of coffee.
$ 10 .90 Unlimited Plan
  • Unlimited Listeners
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 25 GB Disk Space
  • 320 Kbps HD Quality
  • AutoDJ & Live
  • Centova Cast v3
  • Free Radio Player
  • Limited Support*
Go unlimited with our most popular Shoutcast radio server.
$ 14 .90 Unlimited + SSL
  • Unlimited Listeners
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 25 GB Disk Space
  • 320 Kbps HD Quality
  • AutoDJ & Live
  • Centova Cast v3
  • Free Radio Player
  • Priority Support**
  • HTTPS / SSL Proxy
Unlimited. SSL proxy. The Shoutcast plan for pros.
*Limited support (Unlimited Shoutcast) includes detailed tutorials and guides in our help centre.
**Priority Support (Unlimited Shoutcast + SSL) includes dedicated support via chat, email and ticket.

Cheap Shoutcast server hosting, without the excuses!

Our cheap Shoutcast hosting plans are:

Perfect for Beginners

Gecko makes it super easy for those new to Internet radio broadcasting. With extensive help articles and an experienced support team, we will have your station on the air in no time.

Upgrade Ready

Not sure if you're ready for our unlimited plan? No worries! Start with a smaller option and upgrade in-place when you're ready. You can do so with a couple of clicks. Easy right?

Support Friendly

Our hand-picked support team truly knows Internet radio inside and out. Each staff member runs their own radio station and is always looking for someone to share their years of advice with.


Shoutcast FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

What is Shoutcast?

Shoutcast is the most widely accepted audio broadcasting server platform. The searchable directory is a hub that connects Internet radio broadcasters and listeners.

Is Shoutcast free?

In a word, yes, the Shoutcast software is free. However, you may find yourself needing a lot of bandwidth and a public-facing IP address. That’s where our cheap Shoutcast hosting plans come in.

How does Shoutcast work?

The Shoutcast server acts as a hub between encoder software and digital audio players. The encoder broadcasts the signal to the server where the listeners tune in.

Reliable, cheap, Shoutcast hosting, no more buffering!

At Gecko, we believe affordable SHOUTcast servers and exceptional hosting should come together like yen and yang. When broadcasting with Gecko, we promise quality broadcasts and support, every time.

Auto DJ

Blast Auto DJ mode! Our cheap Shoutcast hosting plans come with Auto DJ and a whopping 25 GB of disk space! Now you can automate your station 24/7, 365 days a year.

99.99% Uptime

No host has ever recorded a perfect 100% uptime historically, but we'd like to think our state-of-the-art Internet radio servers come pretty close.

Centova Cast

Manage your Auto DJ like a boss from the Centova Cast dashboard. The industry's leading radio control panel is a playlist scheduler, station manager, and friend 🤓 all in one!

Shoutcast SSL

Our Shoutcast + SSL plan enables HTTPS / SSL on your stream to avoid ugly security warnings in modern browsers. Keep your listeners happy!


No one likes when their favourite song comes on the radio and starts cutting out. In fact, statistics show listeners change the station almost immediately. Gecko is always buffer-free!

Global Brand

With over thirty locations, our datacentres guarantee a fast, strong, and buffer-free radio connection for all broadcasters and listeners.

Internet radio hosting with music licensing reports

What the Gecko family says
about our radio servers

Shoutcast Service

Our cheap Shoutcast hosting service includes (wait for it…drum roll, please) actual service! Yes, you read that right. First, for instance, we will help you get your online radio station listed in the Shoutcast directory. Then, next, for an encore, install a free radio player on your website!

And that's just for starters. We also have in-depth help articles and additional support for our cheap Shoutcast hosting plans.

Shoutcast Directory

SHOUTcast.com is the Internet's largest directory of online radio stations. Every day thousands and thousands of listeners search the index to find new music. You want a listing.

The secret is registering for a free “host your own" Shoutcast Basic account and generating an authorization hash for remote use.

Our techs can walk you through the process, and in most cases, perform this task fairly easily with your cooperation.

Free Shoutcast player

As a courtesy, Gecko also installs free radio players for clients with an active Shoutcast service. Just provide the necessary website access so our techs can install the free radio player on your behalf.

There are also several free html5 player generator options on the web. Additionally, Centova Cast, our control panel of choice, packages the Muses and JPlayer widgets.

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