How To Get Your Station Listed In The Directory

How To Get Your Station Listed In The Shoutcast Directory

If you are like most Internet radio stations, you are constantly trying to add to your audience. Listeners search the directory to find new music every day. It is the biggest online radio index with approximately 100,000 active stations and a history that dates clear back to 1999.

After much ado from Shoutcast ownership and API issues in the present day, a new and improved Shoutcast authorization hash has been developed for compatibility with all Shoutcast server versions 2.6.1 and higher. Our techs have worked out the details. So, you don’t have to. Please read on.

How to: The Shoutcast Authhash

To get your SHOUTcast server listed in the directory, first register for the Freemium plan (also known as the “Basic” plan) if you have not already. Then follow the five setup steps when prompted.

Once you complete and save the steps go to the Shoutcast Radio Manager. This is where you will find your station’s unique authorization hash and dashboard.

Now navigate to the “Settings > Advanced” tab as shown below. Bingo. There it is. Please copy the Shoutcast authhash or keep your browser window open. In a moment, you will need to paste the authhash into your Shoutcast DNAS admin.

Shoutcast Authorization Hash

Next, open and login to your SHOUTcast DNAS admin. This can be done by clicking the “Server > Admin” link in the main Centova Cast navigation.

Centova Cast menu

Or, as described in the Gecko “Complete Login Guide To SHOUTcast and Icecast” help article. Remember, the username for the Shoutcast DNAS is always ‘admin.’ The DNAS admin password matches your Centova Cast and FTP passwords. It can also be found in Centova Cast “Configuration > Settings”.

Shoutcast DNAS authhash

From here, navigate to the active stream you wish to list in the directory. In most cases, this will be named “Stream #1.” Please note that an AutoDJ or remote encoder must be connected for this option to appear.

Create a Shoutcast Authhash

Continue by clicking the “Create Authhash” text link. On the next page, paste the Shoutcast authorization hash you previously copied to list your station in the directory. Press save.

How To Get Your Station Listed In The Directory

Before restarting your Shoutcast server to apply the configuration changes, double-check that your public server setting is set to “Always” in Centova Cast (“Settings > Shoutcast” tab).

Finally, while you are still logged in, restart your server via the control panel (left-hand nav). Try to be patient and let several minutes pass before searching to confirm your station listing. That’s it!

Gecko clients in need of assistance may open a support ticket in the client area. Our friendly support staff is more than happy to help guide you through the process.

Shoutcast: The List To Get Listed

To summarize, here is a quick recap of how to get your Shoutcast station listed in the directory. We recommend using the pictures and instructions above unless you are an advanced user.

  1. Register for a free Basic account
  2. Complete the five-step station setup
  3. Go to your Shoutcast Radio Manager
  4. Navigate to the “Settings > Advanced” tab
  5. Copy the Shoutcast authorization hash
  6. Login to your SHOUTcast DNAS admin page
  7. Navigate to the stream you wish to list in the directory
  8. Click the “Create Authhash” hyperlink
  9. Paste and save the authorization hash code
  10. Double-check your server’s public setting
  11. Restart your server via Centova Cast
  12. Search the directory for your station

Above all, as long as you can provide the Shoutcast authorization hash, GeckoHost technical support can and will get you listed in the directory. Please sign up for one of our cheap Shoutcast hosting plans to get started.

-Kia Ora!

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