Who is high-quality web hosting for?

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If you are running a company in the year 2023 then you need to have hosting. In fact, you are late to the party. Trusted web hosting in New Zealand should be your number one priority.

Of course, you require social media traction and content and a long-term plan to get people interested, but avoid getting high-quality hosting and everything could go “poof” one day. You could literally wake up to an email saying, “We’re sorry. Your website is down.”

Do not underestimate the vital importance of professional website hosting.

Which professionals should have high-quality hosting?

  1. Entrepreneurs

If you’re building a business, it needs high-quality hosting. Period. There is really no other option or substitute.

  1. Freelancers

Freelancers who depend on an online portfolio for promoting their work should absolutely have high-quality hosting as a part of their business model.

  1. Writers

Everyone’s content has to be hosted somewhere, whether it’s at WordPress or Gecko. However, bloggers and writers who take financial shortcuts often fall victim to free blogging services because they are unaware of the pitfalls.

A few things to think about…

Here are a few things you might want to know if you’re on the fence about web hosting:

Customer service counts

Technology and hardware are extremely important factors when choosing a web host. However, don’t overlook the value of customer service.

Costs almost nothing

Hosting isn’t free, but it isn’t expensive either. When you start to look at what you’re doing online with your business, it really makes sense to pay just a bit more for peace of mind and reliability.

Be the expert

Once you host your first website you can add even more domain names and host your friend’s websites too!

Why small business owners need quality web hosting

Most companies are slowly starting to realize the significance of high-quality hosting. However, when investing to enhance their online presence, some business owners focus on paid traffic, content monetization, and design while ignoring a solid foundation for their website. Due to this, those small business owners may end up with slow sites because they did not properly evaluate their needs.

It is very important for small business owners to understand the impact of web hosting. Most websites and blogs are created to keep customers well-informed and engaged. Your web hosting service provider is responsible for making your site easily accessible to all Internet users.

Please carefully consider your hosting provider as it affects the longevity and success of your business.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of high-quality hosting

Downtime of your website can damage your business

If you are a small business owner and you have your own website or an E-store, then it is the single most important component to your success. It not only helps generate leads, and increase sales and revenues but also helps to build relationships with customers. If you still think using a low-quality web hosting service won’t affect you, then think again.

Whenever your site goes down with hosting issues, online users won’t be able to access the site to buy your products and services. This forces your visitors to jump to alternative sites, namely your competition. Frequent downtimes can also lead to a bad reputation for the business overall.

Protection and security of your business website

According to a survey, 88% of business owners consider security as one of the most important criteria for their website. Most small business owners lack advanced in-house tech support and don’t usually have enough funds to recover from a security breach. They want a host who can provide them with the desired security at the network, application, and platform levels. A good web host will block malicious activities, stop DDoS attacks, as well as offer a wide range of security solutions.

24X7 support for your website

Another good reason to choose a high-quality web hosting service is so your business can operate 24×7. Professional web hosting providers are responsible for any problems regarding your website’s speed and performance. It is crucial to have a web hosting service that is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Better SEO ranking

Your website’s ranking in the search engines is essential as it helps to drive organic traffic to your site. A reputed, well-operated web hosting company will offer your site the best chance of performing better with search engine bots and also improve the SEO score of your site. A poor-performing site with errors and slow load times will have a negative impact and lower your rankings in the SERPs.

Final thoughts

The importance of web hosting for small businesses has grown exponentially over the years and having a functional website is critical in order to remain competitive. Availing of a reliable web hosting service is the key to success.

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