The Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server technician

Let’s say you want to create a website for your existing business or next big project. The first thing you need to decide on is a suitable dedicated server setup. Being a business online 24x7x365 requires the resources and accessibility that only dedicated server hosting can provide.

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?

With dedicated hosting, clients rent a server from their hosting provider of choice and have exclusive use of that server’s resources. Dedicated servers are just that, dedicated. The provider works with you to deliver the appropriate CPU, RAM, and SSD disk space. Then, builds and maintains the hardware, eliminating your business’s upfront costs.

10 Benefits Of Going Dedicated

Businesses large and small are faced with managing their databases, applications, and mail servers every single day, and choose the benefits of dedicated hosting. These are arguably the most ten beneficial reasons for going dedicated.

1) Hardware Preference

Each business has different needs for its website traffic. It’s important to match those needs with the right hardware. You may want to consult with a dedicated hosting provider to determine your current or future resource usage before ordering a custom setup.

2) Best Choice For Big Business

For big businesses, choosing dedicated hosting is really the only option. Other hosting platforms don’t have the benefits dedicated server hosting does, and you will be limited in one way or another, sooner or later. In the end, businesses suffer without sufficient computing power to keep up with demands.

3) Full Control

Dedicated server hosting means full control over everything. You personally select the CPU, RAM, and SSD hardware alongside the operating system and datacentre location. Of course, you can always upgrade or downgrade later as you wish.

4) Security

With a dedicated server, you can also be sure that you aren’t sharing space with a phishing site or spammer. Dedicated hosting equals enhanced security, which is particularly important for companies handling sensitive transactions over SSL.

5) Freedom

Since you have “root” administrative access to the machine and do not share server resources with any other websites or users, you can customise your Linux OS: Alma, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc., however you want. Another benefit is choice of location.

6) Server resources are NOT shared

Dedicated hosting means an entire server is reserved for one entity or a single party. You won’t need to worry about random websites clogging up the server’s CPU or RAM. The dedicated server is exclusive to you. And, you can be 100% certain, without reservation, that bad scripts or spikes in bandwidth are not slowing your site.

7) Enhanced performance

A dedicated server all but guarantees maximum uptime for your website or app. No more noisy “neighbours” or VPS “hot migrations” in the Cloud. Dedicated servers provide more stability and reliability than any other hosting platform. Yes, even the Cloud!

8) Flexibility

A dedicated server permits organizations to customise a server environment that caters to their specific circumstances. For instance, custom software configurations can streamline response times in ways that turbocharged hardware cannot.

9) Unique IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Dedicated servers all have unique IP ranges. Ordinarily, a /29 subnet, or 6 usable IPv4 addresses will suffice. Unique IPv4s and IPv6s are both good for website SEO, private nameservers, improved email deliverability, APIs, and more.

10) No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

Dedicated hosting is a low-cost way to tap into the full power of a bare metal machine. A machine, that in some cases costs three or four times the price of a new Apple computer. Yes, you read that right. Hence, why leasing a no-contract dedicated server by the month is the obvious decision.

Is going dedicated really worth it?

A wide variety of hosting services are available to choose from out there. Yet, no matter the situation, there is sure to be a service suitable for you. By considering the pros and cons of all the different types of hosting services, ultimately you will find one to meet your criteria. And yes, going dedicated is really worth it.

At Gecko, we provide dedicated servers at an affordable price, get in touch to see how we can help your business today!

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